Currant and basil complement each other in harmony, giving cheerfulness, health and brilliant taste. In combination with cold or hot water, tea quenches thirst in the heat or warms you up in the winter cold.

The rich taste of ginger harmoniously complemented the natural honey and spicy notes of lime. A storehouse of vitamins in every cup!

The original combination of light acidity of fresh cranberries and delicate spiciness of ginger. The abundance of useful properties and vitamins will strengthen health with taste!

A combination of buckthorn, ginger, cinnamon and honey full of vitamins is an amazing taste and multiple benefits. In combination with cold or hot water, tea quenches thirst in the hot weather or warm you up in cold winter.

Non-alcoholic variation of the drink with a bright, rich taste and flavor, spicy notes of cinnamon and citrus. Сherry mulled wine will not only bring you a pleasure, but also therapeutically affect on your body.

Sweet, flavor and extremely healthy drink, origin from childhood. Juicy raspberry in combination with spicy ginger is an excellent remedy for diseases.

An amazing mix of ripe cornel berries, flavor rosemary, raspberries and ginger - there are a lot of natural antioxidants in one cup of tea! It has strong immune-stimulating orientation.

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