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Our team consists of professionals who do not rest on their laurels, constantly moving forward, improving their skills. We follow the advanced developments in the world adopt their experience and transform it into our production.

Openness - a basic principle for us in the relations within the company, with partners and customers.

We - the team of associates, where the first place are innovation and competence.

«GFSGROUP» offers its employees the opportunity to develop, enhance their expertise and to ensure social security and full confidence in the future.

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advanced technologies and innovations

“GFSGROUP” is a dynamically developing, food production company. We constantly monitor innovations and trends in the world of technology, selecting the best practices and adapting them to our current target market. 

The production line of «GFSGROUP» is equipped with hi-tech machinery, developed according to the latest advances in technology. The use of technologies such as packing in a neutral environment and shock freezing enables us to extend the shelf life of a finished product up to 6 month, while keeping its flavour intact.

Reception room:

+380 (612) 12 26 30

Sales Department Ukraine:

График: Пн-Пт с 8:00 до 19:00 +38 (095) 234 50 35

Department of Sales on Export:

+38 (044) 35 90 824

Supply department:

+38 (095) 23 23 590

Director of commercial department:

+38 (095) 24 12 222

Director of export department:

+38 (050) 95 71 730


+380 (612) 12 26 32

st. Naberezhna, 7/1





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